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13 year old JHS pupil seeks support to represent Ghana in Spelling Bee contest in Dubai

13 year old JHS pupil seeks support to represent Ghana in Spelling Bee contest in Dubai

A thirteen year old JHS 2 pupil of the Kabore School Complex in Ho in the Volta Region is appealing to the public and other benevolent organizations to support her to represent Ghana in an intercontinental “Spelling Bee” contest to be staged in Dubai later this year.

Young Roselina Quinoo, whose ambition is to become a lawyer in future needs financial support to represent the country in the academic competition in Dubai later in August 2018, after placing third in the contest at the Intra-Continental level staged in South Africa in December 2017.

The Volta Regional Coordinator of EduPro Concept Ventures, organizers of the “Spelling Bee” competition, Noel Quarshie Nanenu explained that the contestants have been selected between Primary 4 and JHS 2 in various schools and were taken through a series of tests in order to select the best contestant for the competition.

He was speaking to morning show host BK Aklama when the team appeared on the Global Morning Show on Tuesday, February 27, 2018.

“…I monitored students, I normally go to the basic schools from P4 to JHS 2 and what we normally do is that we give them an instant test, preliminary test to pick out the best performing student from there.


We normally call on the parents, that is an orientation, I normally find a venue whereby we meet the parents then we talk to them. We even give them educational benefits that the child will be getting out of this. During that kind of procedure, we normally register them, then from there we proceed to the Zonal level, then from there when the child performs well, we move them to the Super Zonal level, then if he is able to excel from there too, we go to Regional level, from Regional to National and International, that was where we got Roselina to be the topmost best” he explained.

According to him, young Roselina’s earlier South Africa trip in order for her to participate at the Intra-Continental level of the contest faced a lot of difficulties, mostly financial but they have been fortunate enough to have had individuals come to her aid in support of her trip to South Africa.

A teacher at the Cabore School Complex, Miss Ceceilia Aglobitse who also serves as the personal coach and trainer of young Rosalina indicated that preparing the contestant for the Dubai trip involves a huge financial commitment. She is however, hoping that compassionate hearts of benevolent individuals and organizations will be touched to support the brilliant Rosalina Quinoo.
“… we had some manuals from EduPro, and then we had some other books, we went on the net to get assistance with words to spell so those were the things we used to train her and she made us proud.

Finance… in our side of this world, we find it difficult to support others who are excelling academically, so when the chance came for her to travel, even from the Zonal to Super Zonal and then National, transportation, preparation, we had some problems, then traveling from Ghana to South Africa, there were lots and lots of difficulties raising money but people came to our aid then they helped her to travel.

We still have to ask people to help. We are starting our preparations from next week, we just finished our mock, we’ll start the preparation, training seriously and then we also ask others to help so we’ll seek for funds ti support our journey to Dubai”, she appealed.

The elated Miss Roselina Quinoo, who is anxious of making her school proud of herself, said she was determined to make the best out of the opportunity as it has presented itself.
She shares her experience of participating in the contest right from the Zonal Level, through to the Intra-Continental Level of the spelling competition staged in South Africa.

“…the words that they gave us from the Zonal to the International level, they were all though but the one that is so though is the International level, that’s where they gave us names of African cities and words that were borrowed so those were the words because there are different different languages in Africa. From the starting when they told us about the contest, get ready for the preliminary test, I was happy and I wanted to make my school also proud of me so I was determined to make the best out of the opportunity.

Even I can say that the Zonal stage, they gave us words synonyms, antonyms, homophones, it’s not only about spelling the word, you have a lot to learn whiles you also have to learn for school work, so it was kind of though and you have to schedule yourself well so you can know how to plan so it was somehow though”, she said.

Benevolent individuals and organizations who may want to support Roselina’s trip to Dubai in order for her to able to participate in the Inter-Continental Spelling Bee competition should contact the Volta Regional Coordinator of EduPro Concept Ventures, Noel Quarshie Nanenu on mobile number 0249231042.


Source: GlobalFM/Kofi Gamor

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