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COVID-19: Zoomlion disinfects Ho Technical University (HTU)

COVID-19: Zoomlion disinfects Ho Technical University (HTU)

A leading waste management company, Zoomlion Ghana Limited in a quest to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic has disinfected the campus of Ho Technical University, Friday 17th April, 2020.


Addressing the media, the Vice Chancellor of Ho Technical University, Professor Ben Q. Honyenuga said invitation was sent to Zoomlion to disinfect the campus because of their expertise.


“We are all aware of Zoomlion’s position as a lead sanitation company in Ghana and beyond and we have thrown an invitation to them to assist us as a university”.


The VC said “as you are aware Covid-19 is real and its impact on social, economic and especially academic life of our institution and others is real and daunting, so we have invited them to disinfect the whole campus, offices, classrooms and all other corners of the institution and they accepted this whole heartedly and we are grateful to them”.


He also added that, “we are also appealing to our students at everywhere they are, our staff, our faculty and Ghanaians as a whole to follow the procedures as outlined by the Ghana Health Service (GHS) to maintain personal hygiene, social distance and all other things we have been told, to ensure that we can all together support the President [ Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo] to win this war against Covid-19”.


The streets and major facilities including the G.M Afeti Auditorium, lecture halls, offices and workshops were disinfected.


By: Enoch Nyadzor

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