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HTU holds orientation for new staff

HTU holds orientation for new staff

An orientation program has begun for newly engaged teaching staff of the University. The two day orientation program which began on Wednesday, 2nd September, 2020 is expected to help the new staff to acquaint themselves with operations of the University.

The Registrar, Dr. C. K. Amehoe welcomed the new staff to Volta’s premier university. Delivering the purpose of the gathering, Dr. C. K. Amehoe, stated the orientation affords an opportunity for the new staff to get to know the institution better. Further, it is to help the staff get to know each other and strike acquaintances. Whilst welcoming the new staff, Dr. Amehoe, congratulated the staff who have been selected through a vigorous recruitment process and indicated they made the right choice to be in an institution of repute such as HTU. The Registrar called on the staff to fully participate in the two day program.

Prof. Ben Q. Honyenuga, Vice Chancellor of the University delivered the welcome address and strategic direction of the University to the staff.

Prof. Honyenuga, gave a historical perspective of the University. He provided indication of the need to differentiate between mediocrity and outstanding performance. He challenged the new staff to contribute their quota in providing the missing link between academia and industry.
“We must do things with a difference, hands on and be visible in making difference in our society”.

Prof. Honyenuga further called on the new teaching staff to develop the right attitude academics. He admonished them to have a paradigm shift. Paradigm shift of high performers who are willing to think and act strategically. He called on the staff to move from old ways of doing things to support the strategic direction of the University.

Prof. Honyenuga concluded by saying “Paradigm shifts are important because most significant changes are driven by a shift in paradigms. Help us to train highly competent human resource with a difference. We are expecting you to use your education to help us contribute to national and international development”.

The program is ongoing at the G. M. Afeti auditorium under strict Covid-19 protocols.


By: Juliet Nugble-Nunekpeku

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