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NPP Vigilante can’t operate in Volta Region

NPP Vigilante can’t operate in Volta Region

The Ho Central Constituency deputy youth organiser of the National Democratic Congress, Edward Safori Anim is banking his hopes on the peaceful nature of  Voltarians and the NDC’s dominance in the region as the foremost two reasons the NPP cannot run a successful vigilante group in the Volta Region unlike other parts of the country.

Contributing to a discussion on the Premier Morning Show Monday on the formation of vigilante groups in political parties, Edward who denied the existence of any of such groups within the NDC in the constituency and Volta also said he had no knowledge of any in the NPP in the region. He was quick to add that the peaceful nature of Voltarians won’t support vigilante activities and further added that because the NDC is the most followed party in the region, the NPP can’t operate a vigilante. “We are a majority here and you think that our people will sit down to see things happening?”

Vigilantism is considered a threat to Ghana’s democracy and in the recent state of the nation address, the president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo called on the two leading political parties, the NDC and NPP to have a dialogue on the canker.


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