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Perching NIA’s work in Volta Region is Inspiring

I supported the call of many people in the Volta Region that the National Identification Authority should extend the Ghana Card registration period so as to allow many more people who couldn’t register to do so. It’s refreshing to note that, the NIA has responded to that call to resume registration from August 29 to September 18, 2019. My hope is that they can overcome the numerous network challenges and serve the people from the start to the finish of each day. I also believe the NIA needs to intensify publicity.
Beyond the news on extension, One great lesson from NIA, is its resolve to deliver national IDs to every Ghanaian despite any challenge. One of the biggest criticisms against the authority from social commentators, serial callers or a section of the public was the lack of permanent office to operate from in the region. As a show host, I become speechless when asked about NIA office locations. In Ho for example, the NIA used the municipal assembly hall as a coordinating centre.
I partly understand those who questioned the NIA for not having a permanent office to operate but jumped into mass registration because a permanent and well-furnished office in Ghana is seen as the biggest priority to many state institutions.
I’m not happy about the current situation because I know it inconvenienced the staff but the NIA looking beyond the offices by focusing on the cards is very commendable.
The crave for the card is high so my prayer is that this window of opportunity will cater for more people who missed out, those yet to take their cards and those in densely populated areas who endured long queues without any success.
Until when their offices are opened, I understand the NIA is planning to perch with the Social Security and National Insurance Trust, the National Health Insurance Authority, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority among others.
Who says perching is for students only?
Ghana’s NIA under the leadership of Prof. Ken Attafuah is a grand master of perching.

By: Rustum Senorgbe

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